EUROAVIA – THE EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF AEROSPACE STUDENTS was officially founded in Aachen in 1959 as a European student’s initiative looking for promotion of the aerospace industry, due to a weak standpoint of this sector within economic branches.

In the beginning, a small number of representatives from different countries took up the discussion about the organization and targets which EUROAVIA would pursue. Therefore, it was a priority to spread the community’s vision all over Europe, to attract new universities and new members by holding international events where students would have the opportunity to get to know the industry firsthand and to get the possibility to establish contacts with future professionals around Europe.

Since then, the number of members and countries involved in EUROAVIA’s network has increased significantly, up to the point of being composed for more than 2000 students from 18 countries.

Nowadays, with a nearly sixty-year-old legacy, about 2000 members have already travelled around Europe in a total of 350 organized events. The community has acquired the capabilities to form high-qualified professionals and to defend this preparation in a worldwide atmosphere, as EUROAVIA should be the bridge between universities and enterprises by building strong and longterm collaborations.